Blog #3: Fantastic fact sheet

Exciting news! My writing partner and I will be working with the Fresno County Farm Bureau for the semester, and our first assignment is to create an one-page fact sheet.

The format of fact sheets usually follow a traditional two-column format with headers in one column and corresponding information in the next column. Most organizations create fact sheets to provide their audience with a clear, concise
overview of its important details including:

  • mission
  • goals
  • services
  • staff
  • awards
  • contact information

An example of a traditional fact sheet can be located on the Public Relations Society of America’s website. Another common fact sheet provides an audience with event details, sponsors or who is involved, how much does the event cost and other fun facts about the organization. A national event in 2015 called Food Day provided an entire resources page with various digital brochures, infographics, fact sheets and a media kit. Below is an example of their general one-pagerScreen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.57.43 PM.png

Fact sheets can be extremely important in terms of media relations. They can be sent out in press kits/media kits along with press releases, maps, advisories or other important background information. Images are not necessary, but do provide context and an interesting visual. A logo should also be included in a fact sheet. Welch’s online media kit includes fact sheets and infographics , expert bios, images, recipes, videos and press releases. Note that the material should be relevant and appropriate for the organization.

Writing for the Fresno County Farm Bureau will be a stretch for me because I do not have a history in agriculture. I do know the visual appeal of farmlands and ranches will be helpful, and the bureau has a large audience living in the Valley. It will require some time to think of what would be the most relevant information to include in the fact sheet. Thankfully, we will spend five hours of “boots on the ground” work with our client to gain a real sense of the environment that they work in.

 -Erika D. Castañon

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