Blog #8: Wonder Women

I am a woman above everything else.  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  Who are four cool people I want to be like? I can think of four women in particular: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: In middle school, I wrote a lengthy historical paper on Jackie Kennedy. I was enthralled by the Kennedy family at this age, just beginning […]

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Blog #7: Rubi Lynn

You are the color of ruby red slippers, bright and fierce. You are Lindsey and Ruben’s rose gold gemstone. They hope you are always radiating with soft elegance. You are soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. Your warm, delicate skin reminds me of the times your mom baked in high school. You are a winter coat, […]

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Blog #6: Social media awesomeness

I don’t follow very  many non-profits on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but the ones I do are great at engaging audiences with their story. I came across a blog that listed the top content marketing campaigns, which included charity:water, an organization I follow very closely on social media. The organization includes stunning visuals and inspiring messages […]

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Blog #5: Heritage 

I remember making “cultural projects” with the paper dolls in Mexican dresses, holding one Mexican flag and one Italian flag in each hand. Those dolls looked nothing like me. Sure, I could say that I was of Hispanic and European heritage. I surely had the skin color and surname, but it didn’t always feel that […]

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Blog #4: Rolling out the PSAs

Today, our MCJ 158S class will begin work on a public service announcement (PSA) for Saint Agnes Medical Center. A PSA is an announcement that promotes programs of the government or non-profit agencies; it serves the public interest. Most PSA topics revolve around health, fundraising, family and social concerns, community organizations or events, and volunteerism. I have […]

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