Blog #9: Guide to great non-profit websites

Non-profits have a big task of communicating their importance to audiences in a digital age where time and interest is limited. The website’s homepage plays the biggest role in conveying the organization’s importance.

Some guidelines to follow for a top non-profit website include:
  1. Most important information is upfront
  2. Content is accessible on all devices
  3. Uses a simple and organized menu
  4. Animated background
  5. Visually stunning photos and graphics
  6. Minimal text

Here is the ONE campaign’s homepage that abides by some of the guidelines.


Another important feature of a non-profit website is a highlight of its work, which can also be a visual depiction of its mission. charity:water‘s page titled ‘Our Work’ lays the information out this way:


If your organization’s primary objective is to increase its number of donors, special announcements and links can be effective. Here is the pop-up announcement from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central California. It also ties in with the theme of the month, focused on childhood cancer awareness.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.10.14 PM.png

As always, let your page visitors know where you can be found on social. Icons are commonly placed in a prominent area, like the top right corner. This can also be an area for action items, such as ‘donate’ or ‘volunteer’.



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