Blog #10: Finding Balance

Disneyland, the most magical place on Earth…except when you’re an awkward teenager old with a mouth full of metal. This was my second trip to Disneyland, but a first for my three-year-old brother. We wanted to make the most out of our time at the park, so naturally we took a lot of pictures with characters, stuffed our faces with sweets, and managed to explore the entire park.

As evening drew near, we had just a few rides left. One of those rides was the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. I can’t remember if this ride had been open when I came to Disneyland the first time. It was a longer line than we had anticipated, but the wait is half the fun.

Because that’s when I saw him.

Him: the tall, charming ride-operator with a smile as bright as the fireworks above Cinderella’s castle. He had tan skin and dark hair. A total win-win in my eyes. My mom caught me staring at the young man, and told me to stop drooling.

We got closer to the front of the line, and I saw that Mr. Disney Dream Boat kindly offered his hand to all riders to make sure they made it off the platform and down the stairs into the submarine safely.

How sweet.

As I took his hand, I smiled and said thank you, but what happened next was the most mortifying thing that could happen to a young girl with the self-esteem of a pufferfish.

My feet missed a few steps (all of them) and I landed on my butt in the submarine seat to my right.

My parents giggled, and the ride operator asked if I was ok. I said yes, but the fall hurt more than my tailbone. I took my seat and waited for what seemed like 100 years for the ride to end. I made sure to avoid eye contact with the ride-operator as we exited the submarine.

My parents would never let me live down this moment. It comes up in about every conversation regarding Disneyland. What’s worse is now I live with a pre-teen brother who finds it all-too hilarious. I am not too ashamed of this moment; I even shared at a campfire recently with some good friends.

My record of impressing handsome guys hasn’t been too great, but I am definitely more careful with entering and exiting amusement park rides. I haven’t been to Disneyland since, but I may avoid the ride the next time I’m there



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