Blog #15: Gratitude

Gratitude–a feeling of appreciation or thanks. Beyond Thanksgiving and the occasional thank you card sent after receiving something from a friend, cultivating a culture of gratitude is hard but rewarding work.
According to the Newsweek article “5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude“, being grateful is almost guaranteed to produce a positive result. Studies show that grateful people are happier and healthier, where people reported feelings less aches and pain and taking initiative to visit a doctor. It’s also not limited to the physical but also mental state.
It’s also a good way to work towards healthy sleep habits. Grateful people sleep better, and it’s probably because you can fall asleep knowing you were kind and said thanks.
Gratitude also increases:
  • Self-esteem: you can express your feelings
  • Helpfulness: pro-social behaviors
  • Empathy: shows that you have concern for others
  • Resilience: a feeling that things will continue to get better
In the public relations profession, it is important to always remain grateful for your position, for your clients, for your partners and sponsors, and for the work overall. If you model gratitude, everyone you encounter is bound to notice and is more likely to want to work with you because you are pleasant and kind. Giving a genuine thanks to someone over social media has an immediate effect, and it shows you value them.
I want to continue to practice gratitude, so I plan publicly share on social media and via my blogs what I am thankful, and also write in a personal journal more often. For now, here is what I am thankful for :
  • Jesus
  • Co-workers who have become my friends
  • Older friends who have provided me great advice and counsel
  • My little brother who makes my days brighter
  • An awesome opportunity to pursue higher education in my hometown
  • A truck to get me around town–even though it’s a gas guzzler–but it’s my dad and I am grateful that he let me borrow it
  • Today–a day like no other
  • My body for keeping me going, even when I don’t always take good care of it
  • My glasses for helping me see
  • Fresno, because it’s home
  • Coffee
  • My professors who have helped me love learning, trying new things, and never giving up
  • Fun and entertaining comics being played out on The CW
  • An opportunity to lead junior high girls and be a friend and mentor to them
  • Love and grace

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