Blog #17: Happiness

  1. God
  2. Bananas
  3. Kettle corn
  4. Lattes with almond milk
  5. My brother dancing
  6. Late nights around a bonfire
  7. Cheez-Its
  8. Scarves
  9. Dancing
  10. Singing in the car
  11. Reading
  12. Christmas music
  13. Morro Bay
  14.  Clothes out of the dryer
  15. Haircuts
  16. Old Converse that fit just right
  17. Sushi
  18. Celebrating birthdays, graduations, marriages, and anniversaries
  19. Teaching someone something new
  20. Watching my favorite movie for the 10th time
  21. Bounce houses
  22. Trampolines
  23. Silent laughter
  24. Connecting with someone over our love for Fresno State
  25. Getting a trivia question correct
  26. Proving myself wrong
  27. Riding a bike for the first time
  28. Carving pumpkins
  29. Decorating offices for holidays
  30. Finishing a book after a long time
  31. Watching my favorite baseball or football team win a huge game against a rival team
  32. Coloring books
  33. Puzzles
  34. Concerts
  35. Mafia
  36. Paper flowers
  37. Hugs from bear-huggers
  38. Free shipping
  39. Warby Parker glasses
  40. Discovering new music that not many of my friends know, and it becomes their new favorite song/album
  41. RELEVANT Magazine podcast
  42. Finishing an assignment or project early
  43. The Sound of Music
  44. Peanut butter
  45. Learning to play a new game
  46. POP! figures
  47. My mom’s lasagna
  48. My grandma’s pancakes
  49. Camping at the beach
  50. Having a positive balance in my bank account

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