Blog #18: Best Halloween Ever

I am never the type to go all out for Halloween, but one particular Pixar movie made me a believer.

Last year, I signed up as a volunteer for Zoo Boo at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. My duties included running games and handing out candy. Not many of the other volunteers dressed up, but there I walked in, wearing a blue wig, large baggy sweater, blue pants and Harry Potter spectacles.

A few kids recognized the character, but the parents adored it. I had lots of fun interacting with the kids at our carnival game booth, and I am glad I was volunteering with friends.

I decided to go to a Halloween party at Fresno Pacific University directly after Zoo Boo. I was excited to show off my clever blue costume. My friend Maysee was in the car with me and asked a very ambiguous question about what I was wearing. She then proceeded to say, “Yeah, I guess I dress the same as I did in high school so I don’t really have a costume.”

Awkward silence.


“The invitation said to dress like a thug, nerd, band geek, jock,prep,” said Maysee.

The theme was high school stereotypes. I definitely did not dress like a Pixar character in high school.

Before taking a step out of the car, I peeled out of the parking lot and rushed home with my friend Maysee in the passenger seat. Thankfully, I had a backup costume. We arrived at the party, and lots of people thought my nerd costume was pretty spot-on.

I saved myself the embarrassment of showing up to a party dressed up as Sadness from Inside Out.

It still turned out to be the best Halloween ever.


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