Blog #22: Finding a Job in PR

Searching for a job in public relations doesn’t take much work, but it does require a little flexibility in what you believe constitutes PR. I looked at the following sites for current job postings: Two jobs that I found on these sites that I like: Program Service Coordinator-Center for International Trade Development This […]

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Blog #21: Presentation Tips

I am in love with the idea that the best communicators are storytellers. This is why it is important when giving a presentation of any kind to be an effective storyteller. Give people something that sticks. I’ve been the recent victim or rather perpetrator of bad storytelling in an award acceptance speech, and I am […]

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Blog #20: Roadblocks

Let’s recap my semester so far… In addition to this public relations writing class, I am enrolled in courses on photojournalism, global challenges, and a public relations agency practicum, called TALK. I believe I will learn valuable skills from each course, but I definitely will need to put forth great effort. Senioritis is so real. […]

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Blog #19: My Time

  If I had two hours in a day to whatever I would like, I would take my cousin to have lunch together at her favorite, Sal’s  Mexican Restaurant. If I had four hours, I would like to take a hike and then spend my afternoon eating a picnic lunch. I have only been to Yosemite once, so this […]

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