Blog #20: Roadblocks

Let’s recap my semester so far…

In addition to this public relations writing class, I am enrolled in courses on photojournalism, global challenges, and a public relations agency practicum, called TALK. I believe I will learn valuable skills from each course, but I definitely will need to put forth great effort.

Senioritis is so real. I have done well on assignments in all of my classes, but I definitely have not felt very motivated to do so. I feel as if I am just trucking along. Starting Tuesday, I am sectioning out time in my day to get these assignments done and working on them little by little instead of saving all of the work for the last minute. I will also delegate time for healthy activities and more recreational things. I can’t just keep binging on TV shows stored on my DVR.

I will serve on a brand new committee within the Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning called service-learning coaches. Myself and six student leaders will facilitate six workshops for students enrolled in multiple service-learning courses, with a focus on reflection.

This has been one of the best learning experiences in college by far. If we as student leaders are to give voice to students, then this is the exact platform to make that happen. In regards to the workshops, I believe students will gain a better understanding of their service. I hope we can take their feedback and present it to faculty members for added insight. I have been successful in these workshops when I have had time to prepare with my partner and when we trust each other to improvise.

This week, I will begin my new role as a student coordinator for Dog Days: New Student Orientation. We also interview and hire staff for the following summer.

This by far has been the most stressful this semester. We were not as successful as we anticipated in recruiting a large number of orientation leaders. It is somewhat disappointing and I feel like a large part of that blame falls on my shoulders. I think the lack of planning and the inability to have time to actually target and recruit students during class time and club events has inevitability worked against us. To improve the second time around, it is really dependent on getting the word out to more students and individually recruiting new team members.

I am also preparing to co-lead the next international service-learning trip to the beautiful islands of Fiji.  

One word: fundraising. This is so difficult! Especially with other projects happening simultaneously.

To me, balance is extremely important this semester. I will try to devote 5-7 hours every week to enjoyable activities, whether that’s spent exercising, reading, journaling, listening to music, cooking, watching TV, meditating or just rest.

Probably not enough reading or exercising, and rest.

I will use two planners/calendars–soft and hard copy–to keep myself organized. I really like Google calendars, and the Passion Planner downloadable PDFs

I have done pretty well of staying organized on my digital calendar but not so much on my planner. I will set aside time next week to write down every single commitment during the last three weeks of the semester.

I will take into consideration Professor Betsy Hays’s lesson on ‘Managing Social Media in 21 Minutes Per Day.’ I will remind myself to simplify in moments of overload.

This has been the hardest to implement but with less than 21 days left and graduation applications shifting to my main focus of break, this will take into effect.


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