Blog #22: Finding a Job in PR

Searching for a job in public relations doesn’t take much work, but it does require a little flexibility in what you believe constitutes PR. I looked at the following sites for current job postings:

Two jobs that I found on these sites that I like:

Program Service Coordinator-Center for International Trade Development

This is a job with the San Mateo County Community College District. The Program Services Coordinator assists in the planning, coordination, and implementation of services such as student recruitment, orientation, job skills assessments and job placement, special events, tours, individual and specialized programs and other support for current and potential program participants. Public contact is extensive and can include students, staff, other educational institutions, community and business representatives, governmental agencies and the general public, for the purpose of exchanging program information and services. A high degree of independent judgment and creativity are required to adequately represent the college and program, to serve as a technical resource person for the program, and to design original program components and services.

Tasks for this job include writing “correspondence, memoranda, publicity materials, surveys, brochures, flyers, bulletins, reports, presentations, and other materials”; “. Plan, conduct and participate in tours, job fairs, and program services in conjunction with management, faculty and other staff”; “prepare reports and records concerning department/program budgetary activities for management and funding agencies, such as the Strong Workforce Program, US Department of Labor, etc.” It does have a lot more to do with financial institutions but my background in working with student affairs will help me transition into understanding structures of a university. I also believe a master’s degree in higher education administration will prepare me for a similar position. This job is located not too far from the Valley but close enough to San Francisco to be able to travel on a budget. It is also full time, includes sick-leave, holidays, and allows for other travels.

Scholarship and Student Support Coordinator

This is an off-campus job for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

The role of the University Development Division (UD) is to foster strong relationships with internal and external partners to enhance support for Cal Poly. University Development establishes and implements an overall advancement program, including coordinating fundraising, communications, government and community relations, marketing and alumni programs.

This happens to be a position that would help with daily operations of fundraising for scholarships and other funds to support students. I love the idea of working in facilitating this process since I am a President’s Scholarship recipient myself. It would be a way to give back. Communication plays a huge role in ensuring both finding funds and giving out funds.

This position works with communications staff to maintain content on the university’s scholarship web site and develop marketing materials to encourage scholarship and other student support. This position will update the scholarship data on the development database, including address and contact information about scholarship donors.

It’s an interesting field to search for jobs, and I knew after my first intro class in PR that I should be willing to move around to find a job that fits my values and passions.


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